These challenging economic times                                        Instead of buying new this search  
   have plastics molders looking for                                                is
leading to the following
           new paths to automation                                                        effective alternatives:

The Major Advantage of REBUILDING
vs buying new, is the
Large Capital COST SAVINGS

A Rebuilt Robot can provide the:
Same Advanced Controls & Software

for about HALF the COST of a new robot,

with a Full-Service WARRANTY!
Reduce the risk of extensive service costs when buying used robots "as-is."

With REBUILT Robots, you know EXACTLY what you are getting.
Rebuilt Robots
for Sale
Sterling Meteor-1600
AEC Interceptor-1800
Rebuild Option:
Allen-Bradley PLC
PLC Indro, Double-Speed
ways of meeting this goal is to automate parts-handling at the mold machine.  
For small to medium-sized molders who are budget-driven, rebuilding current robots is a good alternative to
buying new robots.  Like ‘certified’ used cars, rebuilt robots provide good cost savings at one third of new
pricing, while insuring adequate reliability & performance.

Re-building older pneumatic or electric robots, and converting them with servo motors increases robot speed
by 150-300%, reduces mold change-over time, improves machine up-time, and increases positioning
accuracy.  All of these improvements allow injection molders to deliver product faster while reducing costs.  

Such performance improvements can be obtained at 50% of the cost of new robots, while extending robot
lifetime by several to ten years.  Unlike used robots purchased at auction, a fully rebuilt robot comes with a 1-
2 year full warranty, significantly reducing your investment risks.

Plastics molders have several options besides popular pneumatic and high-end servo robots.  From Hybrid
robots to INDRO and Double-Speed INDRO robots, frequency drives can provide servo-like performance with
somewhat lower speed & payload, but at much less cost.  

And SIMPLE PLC-based rectilinear robots can perform many of the simple molding jobs without the cost of
multiple servo motors or non-standard proprietary controls.

Easy-to-use SIMPLE PLC-based robots allow small and mid-size molders a cost-effective way to automate
without the complexity of PC or embedded controls, and without the burden of programming languages.  And
simple Do-It-Yourself PLC controls allow molders to perform debug & service in-house, without waiting to pay
high prices for call-in service engineers.  If you’re a molder looking to improve automation on a set budget,
consider the cost savings and reliability of rebuilt and refurbished robots.  Money saved redeploying existing
robots can be used for other important projects, or to improve your profitability.

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Logic One Provides Two REBUILD Options:             
I. BUY FULLY REBUILT Robots                                                                               
REBUILD EXISTING Robots                                                                                  

Features:                                                        Benefits:
1. Improved Reliability                                 1. Increased machine up-time & parts molded per year

2. Faster Speeds (lower in-mold time)        2. Increased parts molded                

3. Up-to-date Set-up/Operator screens      3. Reduced error-recovery & product change-over time

4. Familiar Allen-Bradley controls HW        4. No learning curve for maintenance technicians
                                                                      & minimal software training

5. PLC-INDRO Controls                                 5. Improve Motion controls

6. PLC or PC-SERVO Controls                       6. Better Speed, Torque & Repeatability

7. Use Allen-Bradley or GE Fanuc                7. Do-it-Yourself (DIY) service with nationwide
computer                                                       PLC parts & training

8. Simple mechanical & electrical designs  8. NO additional service time or travel needed. Your
                                                                     technicians provide repairs via RS-Logix software

9. 100% computer debug transparency      9. Trained electrician can see: all program code,
                                                                      entire database & processor details

10. Use EXISTING spare parts                    10. NO cost for new spare parts